This special Mother's Day edition of our IN HER BAG series see us chatting to Fashion Editor and Mother-of-two Annabel Falco on all things fashion, and family.

The Brisbane based stylist and fashion editor has an impeccable eye and a true gift for pulling together on-trend items with pieces you would already have in your wardrobe, to create an effortlessly chic ensemble. Read on to discover Annabel's must-have accessories, her tips on how to create an elegant, premium looking wardrobe (without breaking the bank), why the LOUISA bag is "the perfect “Mummy Bag” without looking like a Mummy Bag" and so much more.

We couldn't wait to dive into the wardrobe, the life (and the Louisa handbag) of fashion editor, stylist, blogger (and always the best-dressed person in the room) Annabel Falco and we hope you love the tips and tricks she shares along the way. 

What’s in your Louisa bag right now?

The essentials: lip balm, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer and tissues plus a few kids' toys floating around in there. This bag also fits in a spare nappy/ wipes and water bottles when I need. CONVENIENT!

What do you love most about your Louisa bag?

Like I said above - it fits SO much but still holds its’ shape and looks chic. The perfect “Mummy Bag” without looking like a Mummy Bag.


Annabel and her VESTIRSI Louisa bag

What is the easiest way to elevate a simple look?

A well-cut blazer plus a statement accessory (bag, jewellery or shoes) will always do the trick.

What are your x3 must have accessories?

A chic/ well-made/ luxury handbag as it is the ONE item you will wear every day for years on end.

A belt to cinch your waist in and dress up a casual outfit.

A statement earring for impact.


Annabel recommends a statement earring to dress up any outfit. These stunners are from Annabel's capsule collection TROVE x Annabel Falco. 

How can we create a premium looking, elegant wardrobe, on a budget/for a reasonable price?

Keep it simple. When you buy cheap “trend” pieces they look cheap… and make you look cheap. Stick to simple, well-cut, classic wardrobe pieces that suit you. Where possible, mix high and low end – a luxury handbag paired with high street jeans and tee will ALWAYS look chic.

Fashion items worth investing in (and where can we go cheap and cheerful?)

Handbags, shoes and blazers are always worth investing. Tees, dresses and “trend” pieces are worth keeping low cost.

How will you be spending/celebrating Mother’s Day this year, while we are stuck inside in isolation?

I don’t actually have a plan yet! Usually, my entire family get together at a restaurant or café for a lovely brunch but we obviously can’t do that this year. I think I will have my Mum over on Friday beforehand for tea, cake, thank you card and fresh flowers as I still want to make her feel special but our overall strategy has been to put all major events “on hold” until we can properly celebrate when this is all over.


Annabel at home with her children Oscar and Valentina

What type of Mother are you – can you describe your parenting style in three words?

I need way more than three words! I’m a working Mum so life is definitely chaotic but I love that I am able to work from home and spend the majority of my time with the kids and make lunches every day and put them to bed and play with them when they wake up. I’m sure they see me as always “busy” – I’m trying to answer emails and book models and pull fashions while building lego and cooking dinner and folding clothes but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

What is the best lesson Motherhood has taught you?

Patience! That’s the biggest one. I’m a control freak so my kids have taught me to “over-prepare then go with the flow”.


Life never slows down for this working mum!

What is the one lesson you want to make sure you teach Valentina and Oscar before they become adults? 

To always try your hardest and to be kind.

How do you juggle two young children, family, friends, full-time fashion styling and editing role, without burning out?!

I don’t stop… therefore I don’t burnout…? I’m the kind of person who doesn’t sit still (it drives my husband nuts!) so I like being busy. In saying that, I always schedule in “me time” or “downtime” in the form of slow family walks, meditation, date night with my husband and solo time with each child. It’s all about balance. 

If you could go back to a young 18-year-old Annabel and tell her one thing, what would it be?

“You did it. And you’re still doing it.” I really am living my childhood dreams.


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