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Our largest and most luxe carry-all handbag, perfect for women who love a very roomy tote and want to carry a lot with them every day. SIMONE will easily fit your laptop, iPad, water bottle, wallet, jacket, makeup bag, spare shoes with room for more. Handcrafted in Italy from luxury Italian pebbled leather.

A note from our founder: Please note Simone is our largest and heaviest bag.  Please do not purchase this bag if you are looking for a small or lightweight bag. But if you want something roomy and luxe, I'm sure you'll love your Simone! Enjoy! Love, Monica x 


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality at a reasonable price point

I have been using the Simone bag as a work bag and it is absolutely perfect! I’m a teacher so I carry around my life in my bag. Laptop, A4 planner, handouts, marking, snacks, water bottle, lunch, wet wipes, it all fits in this bag without being ridiculously heavy. I was a bit concerned when I read reviews and people said the bag is quite heavy, but because the leather is thick it’s to be expected. I carry the bag around without any issues.

Jessica Morice

I have the Simone bag love it❣️❣️❣️The only thing I would ask for is a couple of smaller little purses or bags to be included to be able to organise a few things in my bag like keys, pocket for phone, bag for make up, perfume e.t.c.

This is the bag I’ve been looking for!

I love this bag so much! It’s the perfect size for everything I seem to carry around with me and it looks amazing! I didn’t realise I could love a bag so much!

Tabertha Pace
Love Love

The Simone bag is absolutely beautiful..!
I especially love the smell of good quality leather..
I can fill it to the brim or keep it minimal and it still stands upright perfectly. x

Jenny Gilligan
Loving my new Simone

Loved unveiling my gorgeous leather bag “Simone”, it’s everything your website said it would be, I’m using it everyday loving it to bits.

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