Today we peek inside the Bag, Business and beautiful Brain of Anna Vidovic (nee. Lavdaras) who I've known since she was a junior beauty writer at Harper's Bazaar and I was a junior publicist, both just trying to make our mark in the world of beauty! Anna left the world of publishing in early 2018 to launch PHILÉ, Australia's most chic cashmere brand, so she's clearly not just a pretty face. Anna has always blown me away with her style, class and poise (even when under extreme stress or on a crazy deadline!) so I couldn't wait to chat to her more about everything about bags, beauty and business and everything in between.


Anna, I can’t wait to know! What’s in your bag right now?!

 I don’t go anywhere without my Chanel La Crème Main hand cream, Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash, La Mer The Lip Balm, eye drops, my Lucy Folk Hair Tie, phone, mini Chloe wallet, and a mini Louis Vuitton organizer. Forgive me, I was born in the ’80s so I like to physically pen all of appointments - never quite got into the digital calendar thing. I'm loving my VESTIRSI Lindsay as it fits all my daily essentials, without being too big and bulky. 


Inside the VESTIRSI Lindsay tote. See more here

With an enviable career as Beauty Editor for Harper’s Bazaar, I am DYING to know your number 1 beauty tip?

 Nothing beats a good old steam and squeeze facial. I’m booked in every four weeks without fail, and this keeps my skin dependable and healthy.


Every time we meet at events, you always look effortlessly stylish. What is your favourite style tip?

 I’ve always loved the French approach to fashion. I’d rather invest in a quality pair of tailored pants or a new coat for the season over buying a whole new wardrobe from Zara. I gave up on fast fashion years ago. And fabric quality is a non-negotiable – I choose natural over synthetic always.


Anna Vidovic takes her fashion cues from the French.


You’ve since gone on to launch the incredibly chic cashmere brand PHILÉ, which creates the most gorgeous (yet affordable) cashmere products for home and life. (I personally love gifting your PHILÉ cashmere blankets to my friends as gifts for their babies!) What’s 1 career tip you’ve learnt along the way, as you pivoted form editor to business owner?

You’re very sweet. Making the move from a full-time editor at Bazaar to a freelance writer and a small business owner was the most challenging and equally rewarding year of my career. I’m constantly making mistakes, pivoting, and evolving, but I’m also learning more than I ever have. My tip? Don’t be afraid to change your mind, ask for help, take as many risks as you can, and fail.


Phile cashmere - the perfect home accessory


Whether you’re writing for online magazines or running your own online business, there’s a great deal of pressure as online never ‘stops’. What is your top strategy for switching off, managing stress and maintaining positive mental health?

 If I’m completely honest, ‘switching off’ isn’t easy when you’re driving a digital business. Especially as I usually put in a full day writing or styling for clients, and then go home to a second shift working on PHILÉ. There are customer emails to respond to, couriers to book, overseas suppliers to liaise with, so on and so on. I love the work, and find it incredibly rewarding, but I do make sure to keep some balance by booking in time each week. For me, this means Pilates and yoga 5 days a week, infrared sauna sessions when I can fit them, and ceramics classes at Waverly Art School.


If you could go back to baby Anna, at say 18 or 21, and give yourself 1 piece of advice, what would it be?

Stop worrying so much, everything will work itself out. Promise. 


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