We relish the opportunity to sit down with smart and inspiring women and Beck Wadworth is no exception. As one of Australia’s most stylish (and smart) influencers, we loved every moment of speaking with Beck Wadworth, the Founder and Creative Director of An Organised Life.

In late 2013 New Zealand based Beck launched An Organised Life, a blog and accessories brand designed to elegantly bring structure and organisation into busy lives of women across New Zealand, Australia and beyond. Through her beautifully crafted blog and perfectly practical stationary, An Organised Life gives women the tools and content to live their best life.

With a background in Fashion, it is no surprise Beck’s designs are timeless and chic (with pared-back designed and monochrome tones that make every minimalist’s heart sing). Additionally, with a PR and Marketing skill set, it is no wonder Beck has been able to drive her brand from strength to strength, with An Organised Life products being stocked in over 45 stores across Australia and New Zealand and being seen in leading publications VOGUE, Marie Claire, Fashion Quarterly.

Function & style is Beck’s ethos and so we couldn’t wait to hear her tips and tricks on how to live a more elegant and organised life.


So, Beck, what is in your Lindsay bag right now?

  • MECCA Cosmetic Lip Balm
  • Deadly Ponies Wallet
  • Portable Charger
  • Sunglasses
  • Maison Louis Marie No.04 Mini Perfume
  • Extra hair tie
  • Bandaids & panadol
  • An Organised Life pen
  • Car keys


Beck's VESTIRSI Lindsay bag fits all her daily essentials, including her An Organised Life diary.

You always look impeccably chic and well put together. What is your number one style or grooming tip?

Less is more. I really like to keep my look simple. I go for quality over quantity & prefer pieces that suit my style & body shape. I focus on pieces that can be worn season after season, rather than focusing on being trend driven.


What is the one beauty product you can’t live without, that you find yourself buying over and over again?

Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre and UltraCeuticals Ultra MD Ultimate A Refining Serum.


Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Organised! Creative. Dedicated.


And An Organised Life in 3 words? (Are they the same words?!)

Organised! Functional. Premium.


You’ve mentioned before that ballet taught you discipline, your background in fashion and graphic design helped you hone your aesthetic. What other skills have you bought from previous roles and life experiences, that have become vital skills in your day to day running of An Organised Life?

Problem solving & always looking ahead. There are always going to be road blocks but I think if you can think ahead, learn from mistakes & move forward it all works out.


What inspired the concept of An Organised Life? So often founders create a product to solve a problem they personally experienced - was this the case for you?

Yes! When I moved to Sydney & was working in the fashion industry, I had a really fast paced job & lived by my diary, however I couldn’t find on that was functional but also suited my pared back & monochrome style. This was when I decided to start AOL.


At 24, you were relatively young when you started An Organised Life. What pushed you beyond the fear of failure that young women with “an idea” often don’t get past and motivated you to bite the bullet and start AOL?

To be honest, I always knew I was in it for the long game and was happy to take things slow & steady. I didn’t have any business experience and I also loved my day job too. Being 24 was the perfect time when I could work hard during the day - further my career, knowledge & skill set then in the evenings / weekends I could focus on AOL orders, designing & learning more & more about running and growing a business. It all progressed naturally & I’m so happy I was able to do it that way.


What advice would you give young women who have an idea and want to launch their own side project, but don’t know where to begin?

It’s all possible when you identify your strengths & weaknesses. What can you do & do well? And what do you need to learn, outsource or find support for? Be realistic and always know the best & worst case scenario when you are starting out. Always over-estimate budgets and timelines rather than underestimate! All the little things add up!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received so far during the lifetime of An Organised Life?

Always look ahead, never stand still. Be patient and work hard.

The other piece of advice I loved was - be as hands on as possible in the first year or two - the amount you can learn first hand is so so valuable to any business.


Besides creating AOL, what is the biggest risk you’ve taken in business so far, and has it paid off?

Going full time! It’s a huge risk losing the stability of a salary but it was the best thing I ever did. Time is everything when you run a business.


What is the hardest lesson you’ve learnt (either personally or professionally) as the business has grown?

Not trusting my gut!


Number one organisation tip?

Prioritise! Always!

An Organised Life 2020 diary

Beck stays organised with her monogrammed 2020 An Organised Life diary 


Who inspires you?

My family, my friends & lots of female business owners who are leading the way in their fields. Taking risks, inspiring & supporting.


If you could go back to 18 year old Beck (probably still living in Marlborough?) and tell her one thing, what would it be?

Haha I was actually at boarding school in Christchurch when I was 18 - but I’m sure I did most of my pondering / dreaming at home in Marlborough! I would tell her to dream big, set goals, work hard & be respectful.


Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments for Beck or Monica, please comment below!

Thanks, Monica + Team VESTIRSI x 


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