Everything we launch at VESTIRSI is made for a reason. And our new BELLA XL is no exception.

This week, our founder Monica shares the story behind our newest launch BELLA XL.


I owned a handbag range, yet I still didn't have a zip up bag that could carry my laptop, charger and work essentials, plus all of my baby's things. Crazy.

I knew I wanted something that had the practical aspects of a backpack, that allowed me to go handsfree (essential with kids or just for busy days carrying alot of samples to shoots or meetings, or white walking through an airport) and a bag that could zip up (required for travel or just general security and so you things don't fall out!).

Our original Bella Backpack tote ticked all these boxes but wasn't quite big enough if you needed to carry a lot.

I loved our original Bella but I needed something bigger. The emails were flooding in - so did you. I had countless requests for a larger version, with Vestirsi VIPs saying they loved the 2-in-1 nature of the original Bella, but once they put their laptop inside, there was no room for anything else.


So we created BELLA XL - the same shape and functionality as the orginal Bella (as we knew you all loved this 2-in-1 style, but added an extra 10cm height and width on the original BELLA.

BELLA XL is now my everyday bag and can fit absolutely everything I need for work including a4 files, laptop and charger, plus the food, clothes and toys for I need for my 1 year old son.

There is a concept in retail called product cannibalisation. Retail experts would say to not launch something if it is too similar to another product in your existing range, as you'll cannibalise the existing sales for the original product. But I didn't care. I knew many of your love the original Bella, so I wasn't going to get rid of that product. And I also knew, after enough conversations with our customers and our VIPS, that enough of you also wanted a larger Bella. 

So here she is, our Extra Large Bella, roomy enough for the corporate women, uni students, working mums and really any woman who just likes to carry a lot with her and to do it in style.

You can shop BELLA XL here, or the original smaller BELLA here.


Love Monica x

PS. Want to see BELLA XL in action? See how much fits in the new BELLA XL below. Watch as I pack for the airport and fit all the necessities for myself and my baby in this incredibly roomy bag.



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